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Throughout the gamedev process, I outsourced for many assets. For sticker assets in general, the original artist's name will be displayed in a menu alongside the look of the sticker. Any assets used in current builds are credited as follows:

"Bob_Barkerson" Twitch

Responsible for general project management, all programming, and 3D modelling all non-rigged objects (excluding the island map groundwork).

Also responsible for this website you're seeing all of this information on.

"Jugapugz" DeviantArt

Responsible for 3D modelling all characters, with textures in the game, as well as the original "Shin" design, and casual magical girl design.

"Fizintine" Twitter

Responsible for the original Magical Girl character design

"Gintoki DEV" Pending

Texures, and texture mapping all buildings and objects.

Cody Retzer UnderTide Studio

Sound design and Foley

"Cy9n" Pending

Responsible for various beta assets, and character design for (name pending).

"ToasterLady" Twitch

Responsible for the very first sticker design, as well as inspiring the idea for sticker collectibles.

"Natttsume" Twitter

Additional Stickers and Ads for billboards.

"Rokuuso" Pending

Pending details...

"Kukitan" Pending

Pending details...

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