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2020-10-09 23:05:43

"Breaking" the game apart

So it has been a year since I posted over here.... Oh boy...
I'd first off like to say yes, development has been much slower, but at the same time I have been delving into the idea of breaking up the various functions of my game into other, smaller projects.
With this in mind, I'd like to announce smaller components of the game will be split into separate projects that may be found in the Archives page.
I know I'm mainly doing this as a hobby, but if someone out there is still watching this website, thank you for your patience.

2019-10-02 09:20:46

New Breakthroughs, Strange problems

A few days ago, I finally learned something new in my development: The ability to save and load data. So far it works just as expected. However loading data in WebGL seems to be a problem (Searching on the subject suggests it's related to a web browser security issue). With this being said, the only options I had for "saving" data was either to save to an unsecured cookie-based storage in the web browser, or finally make an accounts system on the website and save data to a central server.
I decided to pick lazy option 3: Start making Windows executeable builds again, and now... Standalone options are available in playtest.

For now, the standalone builds are available Windows-only. I do have a Macbook Pro now, so Mac builds may also be available later in development.
For now, the standalone builds are built Only for testing the save/load feature of the game. As time goes on, the standalone build will be more necessary, but for those who just want a sample, keep using the WebGL version.

I have also updated the credits page, as I have commissioned more people for more assets.

Other than that, sorry for the lack of posts here. The game is still being worked on, but a few other things are happening irl while I slowly develop this. Progress is surely happening, but it's not being reported as often as I used to.

2019-08-06 07:15:59

A smaller, high priority work

The "Card_Game" Unity game is now under more important development in order to have something finally finished to put in my web portfolio.

2019-04-03 19:48:19

Test Newslog

This is a test of the Newslog system.

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