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2019-10-02 09:20:46

New Breakthroughs, Strange problems

A few days ago, I finally learned something new in my development: The ability to save and load data. So far it works just as expected. However loading data in WebGL seems to be a problem (Searching on the subject suggests it's related to a web browser security issue). With this being said, the only options I had for "saving" data was either to save to an unsecured cookie-based storage in the web browser, or finally make an accounts system on the website and save data to a central server.
I decided to pick lazy option 3: Start making Windows executeable builds again, and now... Standalone options are available in playtest.

For now, the standalone builds are available Windows-only. I do have a Macbook Pro now, so Mac builds may also be available later in development.
For now, the standalone builds are built Only for testing the save/load feature of the game. As time goes on, the standalone build will be more necessary, but for those who just want a sample, keep using the WebGL version.

I have also updated the credits page, as I have commissioned more people for more assets.

Other than that, sorry for the lack of posts here. The game is still being worked on, but a few other things are happening irl while I slowly develop this. Progress is surely happening, but it's not being reported as often as I used to.

2019-08-06 07:15:59

A smaller, high priority work

The "Card_Game" Unity game is now under more important development in order to have something finally finished to put in my web portfolio.

2019-04-03 19:48:19

Test Newslog

This is a test of the Newslog system.

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